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Whether it’s the first time you’ve picked up needles and yarn, or you’re ready to learn some new skills and tricks, there’s a class for you at Only Ewe. From our beginner lessons to knitting and crochet groups, you’ve got all the help and company you’d like as you work on your project.

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You may find that Only Ewe becomes your home away from home before long. Some of our customers say they’ve met some of their very best friends while working side by side on projects with other knitters and crocheters in the shop. There’s just something about creating something beautiful in the company of others who can appreciate it with you. And there’s a lot to be said for being able to ask someone right then and there for help if you get stuck.

We have classes ranging from one-on-one instruction on the basics on up to classes focused on a particular project. You can learn new skills and techniques, and work from start to finish to complete a garment. You’ll never have to stay stuck, and always have the opportunity to develop your skills, expand your knowledge, try new things, and stay challenged.

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When you find a hobby you love, it’s natural to want to learn all you can about it, and to improve your skills every step along the way. It’s no different with knitting and crochet.

Knitters and crocheters usually start with a simple project such as a scarf. This is a good way to learn the basic stitches along with some pattern reading. Once your fingers, mind and eyes start working in rhythm, you’ll be so excited and ready for more ambitious projects.. With each new pattern, you’ll develop new skills and techniques. You’ll discover new yarns and projects you’d like to try, too. Before long, you’ll be graduating from simple projects to more intricate ones.

You never have to feel like you’re stuck without help, or that you’re stuck in a rut with nothing new to create. We’re here to help you at every step along your journey as a knitter or crocheter.

We look forward to learning with you! Which class looks most interesting to you right now?


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