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May 09


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Sometimes, I feel like the Looney Tunes character (maybe Daffy Duck), who said,”Which way did he go?” Yes, taking a business from one direction to another is “tricky business”; and sometimes I don’t know in which DIRECTION I’m going.  Sometimes, it’s very interesting; sometimes drudgery (entering inventory into the shopping cart!).

But my old brain is learning new things. Even my children are proud of me – I’m not bugging them every 5 minutes about “How do you do that?”.  Daughter, Susan, set up this latest version of my website and used Word Press. And my shopping cart is Big Cartel. When we did our first website in 2007, Bill and I had to learn HTML code. We took an online course from Kennesaw State – great course, but I wouldn’t want to live there! This was a little more than we wanted to get involved with. SO, here we are today with a much easier (although, it can still be confusing) way of doing things. I know how to work with Word Press and Big Cartel to get things done (mostly). The support teams are great if I have questions (and the support team also includes my children who seem to know in which DIRECTION to point me!).

So, here we go.

Take a look at what we’ve done with the website. Mostly, look at the shopping cart. I am adding things on a daily basis. Transitioning from Brick and Mortar to Online!.

Ride with us!

Talk to you soon



Feb 22

The Evolution Continues

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Last week began a series of posts about the EVOLUTION of Spring Fling Atlanta. I would like to continue this discussion by telling you some things about our vendors and their participation in Spring Fling.

Getting To Know You: VENDORS:

I have posted all of the vendors at this link:

One of our vendors has given us some personal insight into the evolution of her business (Purdy Thangz):

Cheryl has been in business for 8 years and her business (along with our other vendors) is constantly EVOLVING. She stated, “I started out making stitch markers, earrings and book marks from knitting related charms. I thought I would set the world on fire with them. I found out, quickly, that wasn’t the case. These items now make a great addition to my current line of products.”

“Today, my core business is shawl pins in many forms. I make shawl swirls and shawl swirl sticks from polymer clay; other shawl pins are wood or gemstones. A recent addition is slides for scarves and shawls.”

Now here’s the kicker! Cheryl continues, “I swore that I would never spin or dye fiber. Well, I do both now. I make rolags and braids for spinners; and I dye fiber for needle felting. I also sell needle felting supplies.”

Cheryl states that her favorite products to make are her drop spindles. Many are made from gemstones; others are made from exotic woods (thanks to her husband who taught her to use a drill press).

Each of our vendors has a story like this on his/her website. I love to read their stories. I’ll bet you will, too. Take some time to look at the websites and facebook pages. You’ll like what you see.






Feb 18


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Gentle Knitter and Serene Croshayer:

As some of you know we adopted Prince back in January.  Prince was a 9 year old English Springer Spaniel, who had been severely neglected by his previous owner.   Through the extraordinary work of English Springer Rescue America, Prince was given the veterinary care that he so desperately needed.  We had such great hopes to have Prince join us in the Shop, but unfortunately he was unable to overcome his sad history and passed away in early March.  He left us with such sadness and we were heartbroken.  Here is a picture of what we believe was Prince’s happiest day.

The Prince-Jan. 28

Since then we have thought long and hard about our life in the Shop with you our Gentle Knitters and Serene Croshayers and after much thought and prayer, we are excited to announce the arrival of Miss Ruby.  But first of all a little primer about my life in the Shop.



Now most of you know about my challenges-I don’t knit, I cannot crochet and I am colorblind, so I need help here and that’s where Miss Ruby comes in.


Yellow Girl 3 - 8 Weeks


Miss Ruby joined us on this Saturday past and she comes from a wonderful set of parents-a moyen poodle Dad and an F-1 Australian Shepherd Mom.  She is 11 weeks old and has already begun her training both at home and here in the Shop.  Originally Miss Elyse and I discussed having her trained to be my assistant in identifying colors, but that would surely be a failed strategy as Miss Ruby is also challenged in that department which means we need to take an alternative approach.

So now we get past the discussion of color and a request for you to visit the Shop to see how Miss Ruby’s YARN RECOMMENDATIONS are going.  To give you an idea of the task ahead, take a look at the just arrived Blue Heron Yarns:

Blue Heron Cotton Rayon Twist Lace (approx. 1000 Yds./skein)

Blue Heron-Cotton Rayon Twist Lace


Blue Heron Cotton Rayon Twist (approx. 630 Yds./skein)

Blue Heron-Cotton Rayon Twist


We’ll keep you posted on Miss Ruby’s progress.

For now I am your,