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Aug 26

Mama Said

By Elyse | Ruby's Blog






Ruby's Swim 1

Well, here I am! And you want me to do what?

Ruby 4

Really? Maybe a treat will help!

Rubys Swim 7

OK. OK. Hold on to me, Dad.

Rubys Swim 9

I’m headin’ for the barn!

Rubys Swim 10

See ya! I’m outa here.

Ruby home from swim!

Putting my head between the pillows and never coming out! Mama said there’d be days like this!

Aug 21

Meet Our New Blogger

By Elyse | Ruby's Blog


Miss Ruby

Friday, August 21, 2105

Hi! I’m Ruby, an 18 month Aussiedoodle. My mom and dad own Only Ewe And Cotton Too, and I come to work with them every day (unless I’m having a spa day at Pit Stop For Pets which is next door; my dad says the first rule is “look good!”). I greet and welcome everyone who comes in – that’s my job – and my mom says it’s the most important job.

Now, I have a 2nd job. I’m helping Mom with her blogging! She says she just can’t seem to get it all done. Isn’t knitting supposed to be relaxing? That’s what she tells her students, anyway. Follow Universal Yarn’s motto, “Knit, Smile, Relax, Repeat”.

Right now, Mom is working on the products page and shopping cart. So, check it out to see the progress. And buy something while you’re at it. She works really hard to bring in good products that her customers will like………

In fact, this morning we had to be right on time and get to the shop at 10:00am because a yarn rep was coming in. Mom had already said she wasn’t going to buy much – something about getting through the slow season – lol, you and I know how long that lasted. So,  do keep checking back because September will be the start of a new fall season – yarn and classes, too!.

Signing off for now