What Will You Create Next?

Most of our customers will agree – their hands are never far from knitting needles or crochet hooks. They dream of color combinations, ponder patterns, and are always looking for the perfect next project. While there’s no better way to spend time alone than in the process of creating something beautiful, the joy of creation is even better when you can share what you made with other people who appreciate all that went into it.

When you share your finished projects at the shop, don’t be surprised if we break into a round of “I’m proud of you!”

Milton Yarn Shop

And we really are! It takes a special person to create something out of nothing – and we believe it’s important to celebrate what you’ve accomplished.

We’d also like to post a picture of you with your newest creation here, so be sure to have one of us take your picture when you bring in your work of art.

Come On In!

If you’re about ready to start your next project, come on in and look around. There’s inspiration all throughout the shop, and you’ll find just the right yarn and needles or hooks, as well as a big selection of kits and classes that will help you create something beautiful.


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