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Welcome to Only Ewe and Cotton, Too!

We are Elyse and Bill Anderson, owners of Only Ewe and Cotton Too.

Bill and Elyse Anderson

We’ve been in the Alpharetta area since 1991. The shop first opened in 2005 in the cotton gin in historic Crabapple, known for its antique shops, charming restaurants and stores. In 2011, we moved “up the road” to our current location. Now we’ve got the Alpine Bakery and a gym all within a stone’s throw, which certainly seems like an efficient way to do damage and fix it all in one place. The current location is a lot more convenient for our customers who often pop in on the way to running other errands, or on the way home from work.

Our passion is for encouraging you in your creativity. There is no greater satisfaction for us than seeing one of our customers move past that frustration point where it seems like the yarn just will not cooperate to the point where they are holding something beautiful that they created. Whether you need help deciding which yarn to use, what pattern will work best, or when you’re facing a mistake you’re certain will mean unraveling and starting over… we are here to help.​

Welcome to Only Ewe and Cotton Too!

If you’re in the Alpharetta area, we hope you’ll come in so we can meet you and show you around. We’ll start with our famous “Five Second Orientation” which goes a little something like this:

“I am Bill, the husband - and this is Miss Ruby (if you throw her ball, she'll be your best friend for life)."

Once you’ve come for a visit, you’re like family. Our goal is always to delight our customers, to make the shop so comfortable and inviting and friendly that you’ll feel like it’s a home away from home for you. Many of our customers come in not just to buy some of the most beautiful yarn and supplies for their next project – they also bring their projects in and work on them here. It’s that kind of place. Our daughter jokes that it’s like “Cheers” without the beer. Once you’re here, you’ll hear our stories, share your own, and probably even find some new friends who share your passion for gorgeous yarn and this wonderful hobby.

Whether the knitting bug has just bitten you recently, or you’ve been knitting and crocheting for as long as you can remember, we’d love for you to come in and say hello. 

You’ll see why our customers say we are the friendliest yarn shop
in the metro Atlanta area.


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