May 09


Sometimes, I feel like the Looney Tunes character (maybe Daffy Duck), who said,”Which way did he go?” Yes, taking a business from one direction to another is “tricky business”; and sometimes I don’t know in which DIRECTION I’m going.  Sometimes, it’s very interesting; sometimes drudgery (entering inventory into the shopping cart!).

But my old brain is learning new things. Even my children are proud of me – I’m not bugging them every 5 minutes about “How do you do that?”.  Daughter, Susan, set up this latest version of my website and used Word Press. And my shopping cart is Big Cartel. When we did our first website in 2007, Bill and I had to learn HTML code. We took an online course from Kennesaw State – great course, but I wouldn’t want to live there! This was a little more than we wanted to get involved with. SO, here we are today with a much easier (although, it can still be confusing) way of doing things. I know how to work with Word Press and Big Cartel to get things done (mostly). The support teams are great if I have questions (and the support team also includes my children who seem to know in which DIRECTION to point me!).

So, here we go.

Take a look at what we’ve done with the website. Mostly, look at the shopping cart. I am adding things on a daily basis. Transitioning from Brick and Mortar to Online!.

Ride with us!

Talk to you soon