The Evolution Continues

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Feb 22

Last week began a series of posts about the EVOLUTION of Spring Fling Atlanta. I would like to continue this discussion by telling you some things about our vendors and their participation in Spring Fling.

Getting To Know You: VENDORS:

I have posted all of the vendors at this link:

One of our vendors has given us some personal insight into the evolution of her business (Purdy Thangz):

Cheryl has been in business for 8 years and her business (along with our other vendors) is constantly EVOLVING. She stated, “I started out making stitch markers, earrings and book marks from knitting related charms. I thought I would set the world on fire with them. I found out, quickly, that wasn’t the case. These items now make a great addition to my current line of products.”

“Today, my core business is shawl pins in many forms. I make shawl swirls and shawl swirl sticks from polymer clay; other shawl pins are wood or gemstones. A recent addition is slides for scarves and shawls.”

Now here’s the kicker! Cheryl continues, “I swore that I would never spin or dye fiber. Well, I do both now. I make rolags and braids for spinners; and I dye fiber for needle felting. I also sell needle felting supplies.”

Cheryl states that her favorite products to make are her drop spindles. Many are made from gemstones; others are made from exotic woods (thanks to her husband who taught her to use a drill press).

Each of our vendors has a story like this on his/her website. I love to read their stories. I’ll bet you will, too. Take some time to look at the websites and facebook pages. You’ll like what you see.