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Feb 22

The Evolution Continues

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Last week began a series of posts about the EVOLUTION of Spring Fling Atlanta. I would like to continue this discussion by telling you some things about our vendors and their participation in Spring Fling.

Getting To Know You: VENDORS:

I have posted all of the vendors at this link:

One of our vendors has given us some personal insight into the evolution of her business (Purdy Thangz):

Cheryl has been in business for 8 years and her business (along with our other vendors) is constantly EVOLVING. She stated, “I started out making stitch markers, earrings and book marks from knitting related charms. I thought I would set the world on fire with them. I found out, quickly, that wasn’t the case. These items now make a great addition to my current line of products.”

“Today, my core business is shawl pins in many forms. I make shawl swirls and shawl swirl sticks from polymer clay; other shawl pins are wood or gemstones. A recent addition is slides for scarves and shawls.”

Now here’s the kicker! Cheryl continues, “I swore that I would never spin or dye fiber. Well, I do both now. I make rolags and braids for spinners; and I dye fiber for needle felting. I also sell needle felting supplies.”

Cheryl states that her favorite products to make are her drop spindles. Many are made from gemstones; others are made from exotic woods (thanks to her husband who taught her to use a drill press).

Each of our vendors has a story like this on his/her website. I love to read their stories. I’ll bet you will, too. Take some time to look at the websites and facebook pages. You’ll like what you see.






Feb 12




The Evolution

Spring Fling Atlanta was the brainchild of Elyse Anderson (Only Ewe And Cotton Too, Alpharetta, GA) and Arlene Jacobson (Needle Nook, Atlanta, GA). As brick and mortar yarn shop owners, we saw a need to present to our “crafty” public a BIG TOP tent of local shops. All in one place – and – an inside venue!

So, began Spring Fling Atlanta in 2014. Our first (small) venue was the Marriott Courtyard in Sandy Springs, Ga. We had 8 vendors: seven yarn shops and one vendor with a knitting machine (knit purses , hoodies, etc). This show was considered SUCCESSFUL according to vendor and customer feedback. Whew! We didn’t lose our shirts.

So, began the annual event; 2015 brought the larger venue at the Pavilion at the Marriott Perimeter Center. Another successful event. More vendors – NOT ONLY LOCAL YARN SHOPS, but wonderful crafters whose wares I will blog about in these weeks leading up to Spring Fling 2016, March 19th and 20th.

SOOOO, comes our 3rd annual Spring Fling Atlanta in 2016 – the Marriott Perimeter center again; but the larger grand ballroom with more vendors and classes (for the first time).

When my youngest son was a small tyke, we read a series of Disney books featuring Disney characters, one of which was Goofy. Goofy’s lesson in his book was, “Slow and Steady, Steady and Slow; that’s the way we always go”. Another favorite quote from a friend of mine is, “I don’t want to spread myself too thin”. What great lessons for Arlene and me as we consider the growth of this event.

You see, while our event has grown each year, we want to be able to continue to call it a success for vendors, customers, and sponsors (Arlene and Elyse). Here are some of the considerations:

1.) Venue – Is it in a convenient location? Is it affordable for vendors? Can we pay the teachers what we know they are worth AND provide good classroom space? Let me give you some examples:

The vendors consider their expenses before committing to Spring Fling – booth price, extra inventory, employees to help in the booths and at the brick and mortar (if) we have one, hotel rooms.


2.) Classes – Teachers work hard to educate themselves and prepare for their classes. Not only have we educated ourselves about the techniques we teach, we have planned the best way to actually teach the techniques.

Class Descriptions

Events: Register for Spring Fling Classes

3.) Arlene and Elyse – we appreciate your support (vendors and customers) as we take all of these things into consideration in the EVOLUTION of our event each year. We enjoy positive feedback that will lead to solutions that make our event work better for everyone. It’s how we learn!

We spend a considerable amount of time in the planning – in all areas – for Spring Fling. We DO listen to your suggestions. Example – free admission, free parking, reasonable class prices, great vendors, good location. We will continue to look at these things as we plan each year’s event.

Thanks – Elyse and Arlene